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Hospital to Home (H2H)

Our signature hospital to home (H2H) programme aims to make the transition from institutionalised care to home setting seamless. Under this programme, we pay attention to all aspects to ensure conditions are ideal for clients' recovery and well-being.

Rehabilitation Services

Home Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy involves therapeutic exercises for the improvement and/or maintenance of function. Therapists can:

  • Provide assessments of physical function

  • Provide exercises and perform therapeutic interventions for endurance, balance, strength and ambulation

  • Provide interventions for those with heart or lung conditions

Home Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy enable seniors to participate in meaningful life activities while helping them maintain a sense of wellbeing to support their quality of life. Therapists can:

  • Help participate in daily activities like dressing, showering, feeding and socialising

  • Suggest strategies, aids or devices to support the performance of meaningful tasks

  • Provide advice on seating systems and training for the use of assistive technology

  • Empower seniors with dementia or cognitive impairments through cognitive interventions

Home Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy manages communication and swallowing difficulties. Therapists can:

  • Assess and manage speech, language and other communication problems in people of all ages to enable them to communicate to the best of their ability

  • Assess and manage people of all ages with swallowing problems to help them to eat and drink safely

  • Provide alternative solutions to cognitive and communication challenges using simple aids as well as technological augmentative aids

Home Modification

Optima Homecare provides assessment and recommendations for home modifications to allow the performance of Activities of Daily Living (ADL) whilst ensuring home safety and fall prevention. Many homes are not designed to readily meet the needs of seniors with disability, the frail elderly or their carers. Should you feel your home hinders your loved ones from participating in their daily activities comfortably and safely, then Optima Homecare can help you!

Our therapists will assess your home design for safety and livability for seniors. Optima Homecare will work with our partner contractors to present home redesign options for you. We will also assist families to tap on government  funding and grants such as Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE). 

Caregiver Training

​We believe in empowering families and strengthening the support system so that clients are taken care of even when our therapists are not around. We train caregivers to offer support and aid in the rehabilitation of our clients. The training reduces caregiver stress and increases the confidence of families to look after the client.

  • Our Physiotherapists can train caregivers in techniques of physical assistance and simple exercises

  • Our Occupational Therapists can train caregivers in provision of assistance for Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and strategies to support dignified living at home

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