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Caregiver Services

Optima Homecare provides live-in caregivers to support you and your loved ones. We believe in ensuring the ideal match for clients, and that is why we offer experienced and qualified caregivers.

Full-time carers for clients with:
Alzheimer's - Cancer - Dementia - Depression - Diabetes - Heart Diseases - Parkinson's - Stroke

Full-time Caregivers

Experienced and qualified caregivers or nurses who will provide full-time in-home care for you and your loved ones

How will a Caregiver or Nurse help?

  • Feeding, bathing, transferring, toileting and dressing

  • Support for conditions such as Alzheimer's, Dementia, Cancer 

  • Meal preparation and personal hygiene 

  • Timely administration of medication

  • Urinary catheters, feeding tubes and oxygen therapy

How much does it cost?

  • Foreign caregiver - Monthly Salary $600 - $800

  • Foreign Nurse - Monthly Salary $700 - $1000

  • Local Nurse - Hourly charges $28 - $40 (bundle prices available)

All prices exclude agency fees and insurance. If eligible, employers can tap on the Aged Person Scheme, Persons with Disability Scheme and Foreign Domestic Worker Grant by the Agency for Integrated care to reduce monthly payments.

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