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About Us

Optima Homecare was established to provide a holistic care support system to support rehabilitation and recovery at home. As we know, becoming sick, injured or undergoing the natural ageing process alters a person’s ability to participate in the Activities of Daily Living. (ADL). An important component in assisting clients in returning home post hospitalization is to maximize or maintain their abilities to participate in their valued and routined life roles and activities. Optima Homecare specialises in the provision of home therapy services and training of caregivers in being competent in rehabilitation and recovery, with a focus on elderly care.

Our Mission: To facilitate your seamless rehabilitation and home recovery journey

We believe in...

Customized care

We are focused on client-centred goals in tailoring your rehab and home care needs to help you recover in your preferred environment.

Client empowerment

We strive to help you take charge of your recovery and provide you options to make informed decisions that best suit your needs.

Client at the core of every endeavour

We are opened to explore new collaborations with community partners and healthcare stakeholders to deliver a holistic and comprehensive recovery journey.

Meet the Founder


Farah Nadya

Clinical Director

A Principal Occupational Therapist with experience in both the acute and Intermediate and Long Term Care (ILTC) sectors, Farah has developed a strong passion in supporting the elderly living in the community. She firmly believes that families need to be empowered with the right skills set and knowledge so that they can care for their loved ones at home. Farah is deeply invested in exploring new hybrid care models and frontiers in Singapore's home therapy and ageing-in-place landscape. Clinically, she  is specialized in geriatric, orthopaedic and palliative care.

Trusted by established partners

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